I’m trying to do this on my daily life

      Married to the best // Father of lovely two, they are my steady source of inspiration & motivation // It’s by capturing episodes of our  life that i became aware of how precious these moments were, especially years later …

      I enjoy travelling, meet new friends & go off the beaten track  //

      I  CALL  IT   L.I.F.E

      That’s why i’m a wedding photographer // You allow me to relive and share all i love in life //Let’s make memories // let’s get real together & most importantly, let’s become friends …

      «Let’s make something beautiful together»


      Because wedding is not just a gown or a ceremony // It’s not an isolated set of individual photographs // It’s a day full of love and emotions // This is why i hope to share with you more than just « wedding photography » // My work is a mix of honest documentation and fine portraiture.


      I love to capture real connections & natural grace which will naturally arise // That’s why the most important thing will be our mutual trust // See me more than just a service provider, see me as a friend // We will laugh together, may also cry to ( i totally assume this part of myself hahahah ) //

      Welcome to my virtual home, it’s up to us to create something real //